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An old town, inhabited by “Paleoveneti” (ancient Veneti) and discovered by the Romans, lived through the splendour of the Serenissima Republic, the evidence of which lies in the historic centre, in which the cylindrical bell tower and the Romanesque Cathedral from 1038 stand out.

Among the main attractions of Caorle are the sandy beaches that stretch along the upper Adriatic coast and offer entertainment to a growing number of tourists.
However, Caorle is not only beach, sea and sun. It is the “city of the port “, also of fishing, valleys and sport.

Only an hour away from Venice, Caorle has known how to keep the charm of its seaside town intact, cushioned between “Campielli” (small squares) and alleys that surround the old fishing port on both sides, facing the open sea, and lead to the shrine of the Madonna dell’Angelo.

The natural environment provides Caorle with one of its most important assets, primarily due to the lagoon, which over time, has been transformed into a fishing valley.Today is still includes the typical “casoni” of fishermen, built in wood and common reed, places that up to a few decades ago, were even frequented by the American writer Ernest Hemingway, a guest of the Baron Franchetti. In this corner of wild nature the American writer found inspiration for his book “Across the river and into the trees”, expressing the most admirable description of the lagoon in the winter period in early pages of the book

Welcome in Caorle!

Riccardo Mosco

President of FIK – Federazione Italiana Karate

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Dear Sir/Madam,
We take immense pleasure in informing you that All India Youth Karate Federation & International Karate Union is going to organize 1st IKU Asian Karate Chamionship-2016 on 28-30 November, 2016 at New Delhi. The primary aim of this event is to bring forward the best talent in Karate from all over Asia and enhance there exposure at the International level.

You are coordially invited to be a part of this mega event and uphold our traditions. We solicit your cooperation and consent in writing for the same . Thanking you.

Best Regards..

Master B.K. Bharat
President – AIYKF

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