IKU 2021 European Championship

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Mihai Cioroianu – Memorial Cup!

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New IKU Competition Rules – dec 2020

Here are the new and revised IKU competition rules. These rules are in order as of december 2020 and will be imposed at the next World and Continental Championships under the IKU organization. New IKU Competition rules - december 2020

The latest competition rules

New IPPON Rules

Contact competition rules

Disability Karate competition rules



President: Rohullah Marouf
Organisation Name: IKU AFGHANISTAN


President: Seyed Hossein Moghadasi
Organisation Name: IRAN KARATE UNION OYAMA KARATE (Newcomer 2020)


President: Popi Kilini
Organisation Name: SHOTOKAN KARATE ARADIPPOU CYPRUS (Newcomer 2020)


President: Jonatan Huertas
Organisation Name: IBERIC KARATE ASOCIATION (Newcomer 2020)

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