How to become a member

Follow the steps below to become a member:

1) to fill in the Membership Application and to send it by email to the General Secretary

2) to attach a formal and short request for membership (addressed to the General Secretary by email) including a description of your organization (organizational structure, number of associations affiliated to the organization and practitioners, practiced styles, organized national activities, international activities carried out and / or organized, recognition by national authorities, international affiliations) — Note: A synthetic description for the IKU Board for the evaluation and acceptance of the request

3) received confirmation of membership from the IKU Board (in a short time), to pay the annual membership fee (equal to Euros 100,00) by wire transfer to our bank account:
IKU International Karate Union
Via C. Colombara 3 – 6853 Ligornetto-Mendrisio, Switzerland
IBAN: CH4980340000051157724
Bank name and address:
Bank Raiffeisen Mendrisio e Valle di Muggio Soc. Coop. – Via Lavizzari 19a – 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland

4) to send a copy of the payment above, then you will receive the certificates that you are a member and representative of the IKU in your country