1. The IKU Technical Commission, according to the favourable opinion of IKU Referee Commission and with the assent of IKU Board, approved during the meeting held in Fortaleza on October 18th, 2019 the following amendments to the IKU competition rules (which will become oficial from January 1st  2020).
  2. Athletes found out of weight at the weigh-in in Continental or World Championships will have to pay the registration fee AGAIN, to be placed in the correct category.
  3. The team kata competition will be OPEN style and divided into THREE age groups (only): JUVENILES (age 12-13-14-15, ABSOLUTE (age 16-40) and VETERANS (age 41-60). The Sanbon Rotation kumite competition will be only reserved for CADETS (age 14-15), JUNIORS (age 16-17) and ABSOLUTE (age 18-40).
  4. The IPPON VETERAN team is (definitively) introduced as competition category(age 41-60), but NOT Sanbon. In VETERAN competitions (individual or team), NO repechage will be made. The losers of the two semifinals, in each pool will be automatically placed in 3rd place.
  5. The SENSHU (priority) has been introduced in Sanbon and Nihon kumite (for IKU Championships, not for IKU Cups). To say: if after a match and an extra time (Enchosen) the draw continues, the central referee will give the victory to the competitor who, during the FIRST match (the one in the regular time) has made the first valid point!
  6. The first penalty for category C1 is ATENAI and not CHUKOKU as erroneously written in the NEW COMPETITION RULES (edition 2018)
  7. In Sanbon team competitions, at the beginning of the first round, each team must be composed of THREE competitors; teams (in the first round) made up of TWO competitors cannot be accepted.
  8. It is reminded that an athlete injured during a match CANNOT be treated outside the tatami(it will be considered an abandonment and be penalyze with kiken). The doctor will have 3 minutes at most for the treatment (the maximum time foreseen in our competition rules for senior kumite).
  9. The referee seminar is mandatory FOR THE ENTIRE REFEREE TEAM; those referees who do not take part in it,will NOT be allowed to referee in the Championship, even if in role.
  10. The coaches appointed by their respective federations (the appointment shall be made in writing and at the time of the registration), MUST take part in the special course foreseen for their category. This will allow them to operate on board of tatami; it is reminded that only 4 coaches per federation may operate at the tatami in kumite competitions (NO coaches are allowed in the tatami area in the kata competitions), STRICTLY wearing the allowed clothing (see related paragraph in IKU Competition Rules).
  11. Please note that if an international referee does NOT take part in any official IKU Championship (Continental and/or World) for TWO years, he will be demoted in the PREVIOUS CATEGORY!! If a referee does not take part in an official IKU event for 4 years, he will lose all previously acquired qualifications and shall start the whole process to obtain the International referee qualification again.
  12. No person can enter the competition areas. (not other coaches, managers, presidents, athletes and others, not even those involved in the called categories or journalists or photographers NOT officially accredited and equipped with PASSES, etc.) Only the called athelet and his one coach for the kumite match.
  13. The position of the CENTRAL referee must NOT necessarily be with his back to the Jury Table; for HIS best view, the central referee CAN also stand OPPOSITE the central desk.
  14. If the central referee considers an athlete having made a point moving BACKWARDS and NOT moving forward with the whole body (in case of a technique made by the advanced arm), even with the signal from one of the Judges, he MUST NOT stop the match but indicate his decision to the judges by the HIKITE (making the new gesture of the punch on his side), with the right arm if he wants to indicate AKA, and with the left arm if he wants to indicate AO, followed by the gesture TORIMASEN!
  15. We remind all referees already in possession of the qualification of IKU WORLD REFEREE that the qualification of CHIEF Referee CANNOT be acquired by seniority of service, nor by examination.This qualification, which is also extremely limited in number, is granted not only for merit… but also according to political necessities, and to maintain a balance between the different IKU Federations!
  16. Following the several official complaints received in Brazil, it was decided to set up a special Commission to inspect and settle any disputes that may arise during the Official IKU Championship. This Commission will be called “Appeal Jury” and will be appointed the day before the Championship, by the President of the Technical Commission and by the President of the IKU Referee Commission. It will be made up of THREE members from THREE different nations (one member to be chosen among the coaches, one among the referees and one among the federal presidents) and will automatically be disbanned at the end of each Championship.If a dispute concerns an athlete from the same federation as one of the three members, this person will leave the Jury and the decision will be made by the remaining TWO members (according to the universal principle of Conflict of Interest); if TWO countries are affected by the Conflict of Interest, the final decision will be made by the LAST remaining neutral member!
  17. TIME AND METHODS OF PROTESTS: if an OFFICIAL COACH (“mandates” to other persons will not be allowed) notices irregularities in a referee decision, or in the application of the competition rules, or an error not noticed by the referees, he may show a video or present any witness (third part and neutral) about what happened, following a WRITTEN detailed protest (only ONE request for verification for ONE error… in a specific action is allowed), attaching a fee of € 50,00= (the fee will be returned in case the protest is accepted, otherwise it will be cashed by IKU Secretary). The complaint MUST be presented WITHIN 10 minutes from the protest and the “Appeal Jury” MUST make its decision WITHIN 10 minutes from the reception!!
  18. AFTER THE VERY LONG TIME needed in the 2019 World Championship in Fortaleza FOR CALLING, DRESSING, SEARCHING the athletes (also in senior classes – 18/40 years), which led to an out of proportion lengthening of the competition, causing a considerable inconvenience to ALL, the Technical Commission proposes the following procedure (borrowed from an OTHER world federation), in order to simplify the organisational phases and reduce the duration of the competition. In the PREVIOUS days before the Championship, the IKU General Secretariat will provide all the athletes records to the registered federations + it will specify more clearly the timetable of the different categories in the COMPETITION PROGRAM + the Competition Director will call TWICE by microphone, category and weight and the tatami assigned to each category + the printouts will be printed in RED (for the names of AKA athletes) and in BLUE (for the names of AO athletes).At this point it will be sufficient to look at the printouts to know the color of the belt of the athlete called without asking the Jury Table or the referee !!!Having all the information in advance, the athletes and their coaches will immediately go to the tatami assigned to them GETTING READY (wearing protections, belts, mitts, etc.) BEFORE their call (and NOT after being searched and called 3 times). The central referee will call the two (already prepared…) athletes and will start the fight, without further loss of time. If, in spite of everything, an athlete will be late or not correctly dressed on the tatami, the central referee, after the minute foreseen by the Competition Rules, will disqualify the missing athlete by KIKEN (abandonment)!! 

N.B. against this decision NO protest will be allowed.

Trusting in your cooperation for an IKU more and more organized and efficient, the IKU Technical Commission thanks you and wishes you all the best possible sporting successes.