Dear Friends in karate around the world,
the International Karate Union (IKU) was founded by some of the most respected people with a great karate history and associations of various countries on 19 January 2013, for a new way of karate.
We have now more than 40 countries with official members.
The IKU is an organization with non-political, non-profit, truly democratic and transparent to the service of the national federations members and especially based on true values: education, respect and great friendship.
Any non-profit and non-political National Karate federations or associations may be members of the IKU. In order to be recognized as an Official Member a national federation must be Multistyle (be open to all styles).
Please, for any clarifications contact us.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A MEMBER OF I.K.U. (if not already represented your country) write to:

Riccarcdo Mosco
IKU General Secretary