The beautiful tourist town of Novigrad, in Croatia, hosted on the days 23-24-25-26 May the 2nd Edition of the “Istria Cup” and the 1st Edition of the “Youth Trophy”.

The international event, organized by the Croatian Federation CSK, under the aegis of IKU, was attended by about 400 athletes (in kata and kumite specialties) from 8 European countries.

Excellently organized by the President of the IKU Croatian Federation Guido Rossini, and with the coordination of the IKU General Secretary Riccardo Mosco, the competition took place in an orderly manner and without any problems in a climate of friendship and technical development that is distinguishing IKU international karate in all its competitions.

The Novigrad sport hall is located near the partner hotels and the beautiful place has also attracted many parents and friends of the athletes registered for the competition.

At 18.00 every day the competitions ended, leaving enough time for the participants to enjoy the swimming pools, the beaches, the wellness centers and as well as the characteristic historical village in which the centuries-old “presence” of the Serenissima Republic of Venice left its mark.


The competition was preceded by an interesting referee course where, Professor Adrian Nagel (Romania) President of the IKU Referee Commission and Dr. Stefano Pucci (Italy) President of the IKU Technical Commission, collaborated to explain the new IKU competition rules.

About 25 referees were present, mostly international IKUs, coming from Italy, Ireland, Croatia, England and Romania.

A special note has to be made to the order and the absence of any “unauthorized personnel” in the competition parterre and of no coach without a social suit, nor bottles, nor bags, overalls and protections scattered near the three tatami; also in the “image” sector the IKU is notably “growing”, uniforming the “different” habits of the various countries in a single and more “respectful” competition conduct.

The technical level was excellent in kata and good in kumite; very beautiful and original  medals designed and made by President Rossini.

“We are” taking off “this event that will become a” classic “of the first half of each year” – declares IKU General Secretary Dr. Mosco – “and the signs are certainly positive. Of course, it takes time, also because the FIK’s members and also those belonging to IKU, have very rich sporting seasons at regional, national and international level. They often arrive, at the end of May, with a participation behind them to about 14/15 competitions (from September to June). ”

That’s all from Croatia for this year, with the certainty that the next editions will see an increasing number of participants in the spirit of friendship and love for karate that is and will be, the highroad of the IKU management.