An official complaint against an arbitration decision  (taken or not taken ) is allowed !!

However , the complaint must be made correctly following the rules indicated  below .

  1. Only the OFFICIAL COACH can make the WRITTEN complaint !!
  • The coach siting  on the chair assigned to him, has to STAND UP by raising his right arm and saying to the AREA HEAD MANAGER: “I REQUEST THE VIDEO TEST “ !!
  • The head tatami blocks the fight and the coach writes a short request and pays 50,oo euros. Then he provides a video of his (also shot by one of his collaborators) on the offending action which must be VERY CLEAR and assessable !!
  • Immediately the technician in charge, will have to evaluate the action and will have to issue IMMEDIATE  response  (which will be definitive ) !!!
  • The person in charge will be (in order) : a member of the IKU Technical Commission – if there is a “conflict of interest” (for example one of the two athletes to be judged is from the same country) –  will be in charge of the evaluation a member of the IKU  Referee Commission . if both athletes involved are from the two nations of the aforementioned in charge , a neutral political representative  (the President of an IKU federation ) will be called to evaluate the action !! this political  member will be chosen on the day of the start of the Championship !!
  • If the requesting coach is right , the 50,oo euros will be returned and the point (or penalty ) will be given or canceled .  If  the coach is wrong , the referee’s decision will be confirmed and the  50,oo euros of the complaint , will be forfeited by the IKU Secretariat .
  •   This whole procedure will NOT HAVE to stop for more than a maximum of  10  minutes !!!

You can download these procedure here!