The IKU Board, in the various sessions of the last two months, has approved the following provisions:

  • the World Championship 2024 will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October
  • the European Championship 2023 will be in Novo Mesto – Slovenia in October, the Pan-American Championship in Cacapava – Brazil in July, the African Championship in Dakar – Senegal in September, the Asian Championship in Dhaka – Bangladesh in November
  • IKU Vice-presidents are Marina Regules (Argentina) and Riccardo Mosco (Italy)
  • IKU General Secretary is Riccardo Mosco (Italy)
  • the Technical Committee is made up of Stefano Pucci (Italy – President), Pawel Bomboleski (Poland – Member), Terry Boyle (Northern Ireland – Member), Nicolae Iordachescu (Romania – Member), Josè Mancilla Silva (Chile – Member)
  • the Coordinator of Disability Karate is Marina Regules (Argentina)
  • the Referee Committee is made up of Adrian Nagel (Romania – President), Adriano Cosma (Italy – Member), Robert Sheenan (Ireland – Member)
  • the Coordinator of Pan-American Referees is Luiz Adagilson Sombra (Brazil)
  • the Disciplinary & Arbitration Committee is made up of Mario Conestabo (Italy – Member), Robert Musil (Czech Republic – Member)
  • starting from 1 January 2023 the new quotas are:
    ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP Euro 100 (before 31 march)
    ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP Euro 150 (after 1 april)
    COMPETITION INSCRIPTION Euro 30 (individual kata or kumite)
    COMPETITION INSCRIPTION Euro 60 (team kata or kumite)
    COACH PARTICIPATION FEE Euro 30 (per each coach)
    COMPETITION SURCHARGE FOR ATHLETE INSCR. (for Federation without referees) Euro 5
    COMPETITION SURCHARGE FOR TEAM INSCR. (for Federation without referees) Euro 15
    IKU DAN RECOGNITION Euro 50 (with IKU Diploma)